Day 3 Collections Of Raees & Kaabil Are Out! The Actual Competition Has Started Now!

On the first day of the clash between Raees and Kaabil, things seemed to be one-sided. Yes, the clash favored Raees as it earned 10 crores more as compared to Kaabil, thanks to SRK’s power.

On the 2nd day too Raees was leading, but Kaabil showed a massive growth i.e. 80 percent; from 10.43 crores, it jumped to 18.67 crores and on the other hand, Raees just showed a 30 percent growth. So, with respect to growth trends, Kaabil took the lead here.

Now, on the 3rd day, the gap between both the movies has shortened. This was but obvious; since Friday was a working day, there was an expected drop in the collection of both the movies. Let’s have a look at the numbers….

Raees collections!


On Friday, there was a 50 percent drop in the collections of Raees; it earned 13.11 crores, bringing the total to 59.83 crores. However, makers will be super happy as it has successfully entered the 50 crores club; woahhhh! Weekend collections are expected to witness a substantial growth.


Day 1- 20.42 crores

Day 2- 26.30 crores

Day 3- 13.11 crores

Total- 59.83 crores

Kaabil collections


On the other hand, Kaabil’s 3rd day collections were very close to the opening day numbers. On Friday, it minted 9.77 crores, bringing the total to 38.87 crores. Even the Hrithik Roshan starrer witnessed a 50 percent drop in the figures; but there are hopes that it will pick pace on the weekend.

Day 1- 10.43 crores

Day 2- 18.67 crores

Day 3- 9.77 crores

Total- 38.87 crores

Talking about the 3rd day collections, Raees was just 3 crores ahead of Kaabil; this is real competition and tables might turn very soon. It would be interesting to see how the Saturday-Sunday collections are….

Both the movies are doing awesome and are fighting hard to maintain a stable pace! Did you watch both the flicks? Do share your views in our comments section below…

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