Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Sonali Raut’s Fat-To-Fit Transformation Will Leave You Awestruck

Sonali Raut, former Bigg Boss contestant who appeared in the eighth season of the reality show, is once again in limelight for all good reasons. Yes, the actor who stepped into the industry with modeling, was seen in annual calendar of Kingfisher and later made an appearance in a Hindi flick entitled “The Xposé”, has gone through an amazing fat-to-fit transformation and her latest avatar will blow your mind away!



If you follow her, you must be knowing that the actress is quite active on social media, especially Instagram and her account is full of hot and sizzling pics of the model. However, one photo which has grabbed special attention is then and now pic of Sonali and her unbelievable transformation, which is obviously pleasing, is very much surprising and depicts the hard work she must have done to cover this awe-inspiring journey.

She shared this pic on Instagram with caption, “#TuesdayTransformation. This is my journey from fat to fit. But in the end its all about loving yourself. #LoveYourself #FatToFit”

Her journey from fat to fit..


And here she is!


More confident than ever!

OMG! She’s hot!

Super sizzling..

Recently, she appeared in “Great Grand Masti” and even did a song ‘Lipstick Laga Ke’.

Relaxing beauty..

What a perfect shape!

Getting ready..

We completely agree with Sonali that what ultimately matters is ‘loving yourself’!

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Image Source: Instagram

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