Here’s Why Your Downloading Speed Is Always Lesser Than What Your Service Provider Promises.!!

Internet connection is a must for every household today. It is worth saying that – in today’s generation a person can live without food but can’t survive without a smart phone and obviously the internet connection. It has become so important that we carefully choose the pack and pay for the desired pack from the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

But have you ever wondered or checked why your downloading speed is always lesser than what your ISP promises? Actually it is myth that our speed is always lesser than what our ISP promises. Confused?

Smart marketing strategy of Internet Service Providers

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) always lures people by their marketing strategy so as to buy their service. In other words ISP always gives you the speed in terms of Bits per second but when downloading a file from internet, the downloading speed will be shown in Bytes per second. This leads to so much confusion in the mind of a common man and he thinks I have been cheated.

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