Youngsters Were Asked Questions About Republic Day! Their Answers Will Leave You Shocked!

Republic Day is always celebrated with great pomp and show in India, but there many people who don’t even know the date or the significance of the occasion. Yes, they are the ones who enjoy the holiday, sleep for long hours and do masti with friends; but when it comes to knowing the facts about the day, they are “0”.

Being unaware of facts and information about this important day is very wrong; nowadays, youngsters know how to dramatize situations or create chaos when someone doesn’t follow the so-called rules of “Nationalism”.

However, when it comes to them, they get away by saying that they either forgot the information or say that it’s too hard to grasp this historical data.

Amidst all this, The Nerdy Gangsters have come up with an excellent video, highlighting the realities. They asked some questions to the youngsters about Republic Day and their reactions will shock you! Watch the video below…

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